The propose day is on 8th February and on this day people generally propose their loved ones to be in a relationship forever. People sometimes use this day to do marriage proposals as well. This is the second day of valentine week list 2020.


As the name suggests, chocolate’s day is celebrated by gifting chocolates to the one you love but it doesn’t mean that you should gift chocolates to your other half only. You can also gift it to your friends and family members as well. 3rd day of the valentine week list.


Who does not likes toys stuffed with love and teddies is one of those. Teddy day is on 10th February and people gift teddies to their loved ones on this day.


It’s all about promises on this day, so hence people make promises to their loved ones on this day generally. Promise day is on 11th February soon after a teddy day. Promise day is 4th day of the valentine week list.


We generally show our immense love by hugging someone. Sometimes we hug a person when we are glad in front of that person or any other reason. Hug day is all about providing Hugs to your loved one. Hug Day is on 12th February. 5th day of Valentine week list 2020.


Love is not a game of words but rather feelings, so when we kiss someone we can feel the love and can have a look at the soul of the person you love. The kiss day is all about giving kisses to make your bond stronger. This romantic day is the 6th day of valentine’s week list 2020.


All these days mentioned above lead to the special day which is, Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is on 14th February and most of the couples love this day as they can spend quality time together. This is the day most couples would wait for and when the day comes it will be filled with love romance and joy. This is the main and last day of valentine week list 2020 or lovers day week.

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